How to remove a car’s fuse without a tool

There’s no doubt that fuses play a critical role in a car, protecting its electrical wiring from overcurrent or short-circuiting. However, sometimes it may be necessary to remove and, maybe, replace a fuse, perhaps, if it’s blown.

The best part is that you can easily remove your fuses without requiring any removal tool like a needle-nose plier or a fuse puller.

So, how to remove a car fuse without a tool?

It’s simple, you can do it using your hands. All you have to do is:

  • Detach the battery cable.
  • Locate the fuse box.
  • Remove the fuse box cover/lid.
  • Disconnect the power supply from each fuse box.
  • Remove the fuse box housing.
  • Locate the blown fuse by testing all the fuses in the box to find a faulty one.
  • Remove the broken fuse with your hand.

More On How To Remove Car Fuses Without Using a Tool

1. Disconnect the Battery

Take off the negative terminal attached to the battery and set it aside plus away from any metallic object. This will ensure that no electrical circuit will be flowing through the system as undertake the next steps.

2. Locate the Fuse Boxes

Most cars normally have two fuse boxes. Though the locations of the boxes often differ from one car to another, many cars have one box near the steering wheel or in the dashboard and another one under the hood. If you can’t locate your boxes in those areas, consult your owner’s manual.

3. Remove the Cover/Lid of Each Fuse Box

Open the lid or cover of each fuse box. You should see a fuse diagram in each fuse box, showing which fuse connects to which electrical component.

Similarly, you should see many color-coded fuses with numbers indicating their individual amperage rating in each box. Be sure to note down the amperage ratings and color codes.

This will go a long way in the next steps after you’ve pinpointed the faulty fuse and are about to get it replaced.

4. Disconnect the Power Supply from Each Fuse Box

Disconnect the power supply from each fuse box. This will help lower the possible chances of live current flowing through the wiring and electricals. The power supply of a fuse box is normally a single or set of red wires with a terminal connected with a bolt.

5. Remove the Housing Of Each Fuse Box

Undertake this step to expose the multiple wires connected to the fuse boxes, which run to different electrical systems in the car. Be sure to label them for a simpler reinstallation.

6. Locate the Fuse To Remove By Testing All the Fuses In Each Fuse Box To Find The Faulty One

To know which fuse to remove, you’ll need to test all fuses in each fuse box to find out which fuse is faulty. Here, you may need an ohm meter/multimeter.

7. Remove the Broken Fuse With Your Hand

Once you locate the fuse to remove, gently pull it out of the fuse box, using your hand. After that, reconnect the system wires in each fuse box and close each box’s cover or lid. If there’s a recurring or unresolved wiring problem, be sure to contact your mechanic.

Is It Safe To Remove a Car Fuse Without a Tool?

The short answer is yes, as long as you take precautions like disconnecting the battery and disconnecting each fuse box from its power supply unit.

Can I Use Tweezers To Remove a Fuse from a Car?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to pull the fuse out of the fuse box with your hand, you can use tweezers instead to get the job done.


Automobile fuses allow the car’s electrical systems to function safely without running the risk of damage due to overcurrent or short circuit problems.

However, these important electrical components of a car can sometimes need removing and replacing especially if faulty. The good news is that removing a bad fuse from your automobile is as simple as using your hand.

The bad news is that there are some car make and models that have a bad location for their fuse box and it’s hard to reach by hand, so you’ll have no other choice but to use a specific tool.

You don’t need a fuse removal tool of any sort. All you need is the right knowledge about the necessary steps to get it done with your hand, and those steps are explained above.

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