How to put gas in a capless gas tank without a funnel

Two of the most effective and safe ways to put gas in a tankless gas tank without a funnel are as follows:

  • Use the nozzle at the gas pump – nozzles at the gas pump are designed to fit into the newer gas tanks seamlessly. Therefore, the driver will not have any problems with hazardous situations like gas spilling out of the tank on the individual that is pumping or onto the ground accidentally. You can also pull out the nozzle without any resistance.
  • Use the nozzle that fits your capless gas tank on your gas can. – Some gas can nozzles do not fit your system. Therefore, you may need to shop around for one that does.

Both of these methods can be used safely without causing damage or unnecessary problems, particularly during emergency situations.

However, if you are using a nozzle that does not fit your particularly capless gas tank, you can run into some problems.

Because some of the nozzles on today’s gas cans are made of different sizes, diameters, and lengths, you need to make sure that it is slender and long enough to fit inside your capless gas tank without being torn or ripped apart.

Methods that Do Not Work with the Capless Gas Tank

Now that you are familiar with the methods that do work with a capless gas tank, you need to also be aware of the methods that may cause major problems while fueling a capless gas tank.

For example, here are 3 different alternative emergency methods that can be used to fuel a gas tank that has a cap.

  • Use a plastic bottle. Cut out the side of an extra-long plastic bottle and then pour your gas into the gas tank.
  • Use a Portable gas can with any size nozzle. Gas tanks with a cap can be refueled by using any nozzle that is attached to a portable gas can.
  • Milk Carton. Cut the bottom off of a milk carton first. Make a small hole in the top of the carton lid, and then insert a long tube in the hole. Use the tube to pour the gas instead of a funnel The video details of these instructions can be found here.

All of these hacks can be used to refuel gas tanks with caps. Yet, if the driver is trying to use one of these alternative methods (instead of a funnel) in a capless gas tank, it may cause a wide variety of problems including risks of causing damage to the capless gas tank, hazardous, and costl.

For instance, if the driver tries to refuel a capless tank with a plastic bottle, there is a very good chance that all of the gas will spill out onto the ground instead of flowing into the tank.

Unfortunately, this can create hazardous situations for the driver and anyone around since gas is a highly flammable liquid.


So, how do you add gas in a capless gas tank without a funnel?

Two of the most highly recommended ways include using the nozzle on the gas pump and the nozzle that fits the capless tank on your gas can. Each of these methods will ensure that you can refuel your gas without the use of a funnel, especially during emergency situations.

In essence, you can pour gas in these new capless gas tank systems without experiencing unnecessary problems and paying extra expenses out of pocket to refuel your vehicle.

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