How to make the car louder without removing the muffler

Three of the best ways to make your car louder without moving your muffler are to install bigger exhaust pipes, upgrade the engine, or install an exhaust tip.

However, the best choice between the 3 will depend on some different factors, including the car owner’s preferences, the sound level that the driver is trying to achieve, and the amount of money that they can spend on these modifications.

Therefore, here is some additional information that you need to know about making the best possible choice for you and your needs.

Install Bigger Exhaust Pipes

If you want to make your exhaust sound louder, you need to learn as much as you can about installing bigger exhaust pipes. By installing larger pipes, the sounds that come from your car will be much louder, more aggressive, and deeper.

This is primarily because there are fewer obstacles that the sounds will need to overcome.

Additionally, depending on the sound level and quality that you want to achieve, the cost of these customizations can range from $500 to $2,000, on average.

Upgrade the Engine

Again, based on your preferences and your budget, you may want to upgrade the engine in your vehicle. By installing a bigger engine, your car will automatically have an increase in performance and a significant boost in the sounds that are generated from your car.

These types of vehicle modifications, however, are usually done by car enthusiasts that have the time and the money to make these customizations.

Also, based on the sound level and quality that you want to achieve, the cost of this customization can range from $500 to $2,000, on average.

Install an Exhaust Tip

Another way to make your car sound louder is to install an exhaust tip. Because these tips are located at the tail end of the exhaust system, the sound from the car is a lot more powerful.

For instance, if you want a more robust strong, and hearty sound that radiates when you pull off, you need to install the largest tips that you can find to produce the sounds that you actually want.

The cost of installing an exhaust tip is relatively inexpensive to make these changes, For instance, if you do not have a lot of money, you can expect to pay between $35 to $65.

Does drilling a hole in your exhaust make it louder?

Yes, you can make the car sound louder by drilling holes in your exhaust. However, even though it is the cheapest way to achieve the sound that you are most likely looking for, it is also the least recommended option. And here are a few reasons why.

Is it ok to make a hole in the muffler?

Drilling 4 to 6 ⅜ bit holes in the exhaust pipe will cause an exhaust leak

There is a specific order in which this process will need to be done. Therefore, if a mistake is made, dangerous gases can be released into the atmosphere.

The fumes from the exhaust can also be dangerous to the driver and the passenger’s health because they can also feel up the cabin of the car.

The car will fail smog tests in the cities and states that require them.

Whatever the case, this option is one of the cheapest ways to make your vehicle louder (cost ranges from $0 – $25). Yet, it is also the most dangerous course of action to take.


There are many different ways to make your car sound louder without removing the muffler from your vehicle. However, the method that you use can make a huge difference in the amount that you pay and the safety of the option.

So, it is very important to look at each option to see which one is best for your needs, preference, and your pocket.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of information available online that can help you with making the best-informed decision possible. In fact, if you talk to a professional mechanic, they can address both the pros and the cons of making your car sound louder.

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