How much horse horsepower does a V8 engine have? Here’s the answer

There’s nothing more pleasing than driving your car and getting to feel its full potential on the road. The sharp over-takings and swift hill climbing are worth anything.

To get this feeling, however, your engine must be both efficient and capable. There are different engines in the industry with each bringing to the table its strongest attributes.

The influx in engine types and designs is mainly owed to the advancement in automotive technology and knowledge.

Even with the many engines in the market, one is too unique to ignore- the V8 engine. The idea behind this engine revolutionized the entire automobile industry. The exemplary performance and smooth power delivery are just but a few of the V8’s most notable aspects.

As many marvels at this engine’s abilities, they can’t help but wonder: How much horsepower does a V8 have? The average hp for a V8 engine is 700 hp- this is after considering other factors like weight and terrain.

Before we digress any further, it’s only right that we describe the V8 engine to any novice in the room. This is simply an engine with 8 piston cylinders spread around a v-shaped cylinder pack. The pistons run in two rows with each bearing four. All the cylinders work around a common crankshaft.

The first V8 engine surfaced around 1904 in France. French auto manufacturer Antoinette had made their big break by designing the most remarkable engine at the time.

They however missed out on the credit after American Car maker Cadillac developed their initial design to come up with a more powerful version, the Cadillac L-Head engine in 1914. Records recognize the Americans as the inventors of the V8 engine.

The Americans were pretty determined to go all the way with the V8 engine, in 1932, Ford unleashed another version of the V8- it was smoother, faster, and less problematic.

In modern cars, the V8 engine is restricted to luxury and sports vehicles probably due to the high rate of fuel consumption.

The 700 hp averages for V8 engines still hold but we ought to discuss some amazingly powerful engines in this category.

You will be surprised to learn that these engines are completely road legal and are in fact on some of your most common routes.

Koenigsegg Jesko

This 5.0-liter twin-turbo engine offers a whooping 1281 bhp when running on normal fuel and 1603 bhp when on biofuel. It is an improved version of the Koenigsegg Agera, it came with less weight and thus a higher rpm.

Hemi Supercharged

This is another marvelous eight-piston beast. The 6.2-liter capacity pushes the Dodge challenger to terrifying speeds. The engine will easily deliver 717 bhp and the figure rises to 840 bhp when you add racing fuel to the equation.

The Hemi is also an improved version of another engine used in modesty challengers.

 F154 CD

Whenever the engine’s topic pops up, the Italians are never left out. This 4.0-liter engine by Ferrari clearly sets the pace as far as speed and dependability are concerned.

The flat-plane crankshaft and twin-scroll turbochargers propel this supercar to 769bhp with ease. There have been doubts about the F154CD’s capabilities but we are safe to say that facts speak for themselves.

Ford Predator

The ford brand will be forever grateful to the ford predator. This advanced version of the Coyote engine has contributed greatly to the popularity of the Ford cars.

With a 5.2 liter capacity, this engine offers up to 760 bhp. The engine is used in the Ford Mustang, the sleek car design and strong engine are just what every driver needs.

 What Is The Highest Horsepower V8 Engine

V8 engines are in constant development with new versions coming up every day. In every array, however, there’s always a king and in the V8 list, there are a few engines that have earned both respect and admiration for themselves.

Below is a quick rundown of some of these engines.

Koenigsegg Jesko1603 hp5.0 liter
Hemi840 hp6.2 Liter
Ferrari F154CD769 hp4.0 Liter
Ford Predator760 hp5.2 Liter
Chevrolet supercharged LTS760 hp 
Mercedes M178 LS2730 hp4.0 Liter

How Easy It Is To Add More Hp To A V8 Engine?

Engines are built to offer the best but we sometimes want more, what do we do? We modify them.  A modified engine gains more horsepower and delivers power more smoothly

 The list of things you can do to a V8 engine to improve its horsepower is endless, but we will mention a few.

Cold Air Intake

Cooler air serves the combustion process better than warm air because of the increased density. You can improve your engine’s performance by increasing the amount of cold air getting in.

 You do this by installing strong cold air intakes. These devices come with specially designed filters that enable them to collect as much air as possible.

Exhaust System

A wider exhaust system allows your engine to release waste gasses faster thus enabling it to combust more fuel in shorter periods


A supercharger enables your car to draw in more air than normal. With more air, the engine can combust more fuel and produce more power.


A turbocharger is slightly similar to a supercharger only that it gains its power from recycling exhaust fumes. It is pretty efficient and can increase your horsepower by up to 25%.

How Much Hp Does Tuning Add To A V8?

Tuning mainly happens in stages with the first stage (stage 1 tuning) focusing on a few less crucial areas like the exhaust system. It results in around 15% increased hp while the costs range from $300 to $350.

The second stage (Stage 2 tuning) will have your mechanic replace the cam with a more powerful upgrade. The power gains are anything around 25%. You can expect to spend about $450.

If you want more power, you can proceed to (Stage 3 tuning) and upgrade to a better bore and cam. In this stage, they might also improve a few of the aspects altered in previous stages. The power rewards in this stage are massive and can run up to 40% if the parts are genuine. The cost figure ranges from $550 to %650.

Most car owners rarely go beyond (Stage 4 tuning). Here they’ll mostly focus on the compression bore, headwork, and any other area you might specify. You will have to pay over $700 but get to go home with around 60% more horsepower.

Dyno Tuning

There is a lot of conflicting information about dyno tuning out there with some platforms offering more hope than there really is. The whole idea behind dyno tuning is the replacement of underperforming parts with more powerful ones.

The cost and effects depend majorly on the parts you choose to add. With the right mechanic, you should gain around 15 hp more.

Bottom Line

In 1904, the French gave to the automobile world one of the most precious gifts the industry has ever received, the V8 engine.

The engine has undergone massive development and improvement over the years leading to the creation of some of the most powerful engines the world has ever seen.

The racing community must be the main beneficiaries of this engine’s capabilities with some of the most renowned rally cars running on this French-born beast.

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