How long does it take to polish a car?

Different cars require different techniques when it comes to polishing. It takes about 8 hours to polish a car. Polishing involves removing contaminants from the surface of a car using products for a glossy, even, and shiny look.

However, it may take less time for some cars because car polishing depends on several factors, such as the size, color, complexity, and type of the car.

An expert’s experience will also determine how long they take to complete the task. Polishing a car is very important regardless of how long it takes. 

Experts advise car owners to polish their cars often to maintain good external appearances. The desired results affect how long it will take to polish a car.

Some car owners desire a perfect and flawless outlook, while some are not specific to perfection, maybe polish to eliminate dents and scratches.

Generally, well-maintained and new cars take less time to polish than very old ones. There are three stages in which a car can be polished. 

What are the aspects that affect the duration of a polish?

Several factors determine how long a car polish will last. It mostly depends on the type of protective coat used. For some coats, such as carnauba wax, it may last between two to three months depending on external factors such as wash routines, the environmental condition, maintenance, and wash routines by the owner.

With proper care and maintenance, a car polish will last longer. 

For instance, when an expert with many years of experience and high-level technical skills polishes a car, it will last longer compared to a beginner who is prone to making mistakes that one may notice later. 

The number of polish stages done in a car will also determine the duration of the polish. A 3-stage car polish with an additional process, such as refined polishing, will affect the duration of a polish. Most car owners prefer this as it gives the best-desired results.

The desired results affect the duration of a polish. Some car owners desire a perfect and flawless outlook, while some are not specific to perfection, maybe just polish to eliminate dents and scratches. A more detailed car polish will last longer.

How long does a Stage 1 polish take?

It takes 1-2 days for stage 1 polish. Stage 1 has fewer steps than stages 2 and 3, so less time is needed. Only a type of polish and pad combination is done with stage 1.

It is most suitable for good-looking cars but has small yet visible scratches and marks. On the other hand, a stage 1 polish will not give good results for cars with many imperfections. The cost of a stage 1 car polish is less than for stages 2 and 3. 

What Is a Stage 2 car polish?

Stage 2 car polish involves intense work using medium compounds and light refining polish to ensure complete coverage of marks and scratches.

The process involves several steps, such as deep cleaning alloy wheels and arches. Two-bucket wash is done too. Full decontamination, as well as clay decontamination, is performed.

A car power rinse and thoroughly dry with towels, then blow drying to ensure no water is trapped between spaces. Then the expert will do a paintwork inspection and take the necessary readings.

Machine polishing and finally finishing polish to perfect the noticeable lighter paintwork.

Stage 2 polish is often done when stage one polish is ineffective and scratches are still visible. Stage 2 car polish takes a duration of two to three days.

The cost of stage 2 is high compared to stage 1 and varies with the size of the car. Stage 1 can achieve desirable results with limited time. Most car owners opt for stage two polish because the polish is more durable yet pocket friendly. 

How long does it take to 3 stage polish a car?

It takes 3-5 days to 3-stage polish a car. It is the most advanced with multi-stage polish. It involves a combination of compound, medium, and extra fine polishing. Often the result is up to 98% level of correction.

The paintwork must be deep cleaned, clayed, and accurate paint thickness readings. The stage 3 polish of a car is suitable for cars with heavy scratches and marks.

The finished look is perfect. Stage 3 car polish is the most expensive, and the cost varies according to car size. 

Take away

Car polishing is necessary regardless of the time it takes. Many factors, however, determine the duration of the polish. The type of stage polish of a car depends on the depth of scratches, marks, and dents.

A well-maintained car takes less time to polish. The more expensive ceramic sealants give the best long-lasting results. 3 Stage car polish is the most effective and gives impeccable results.

Investing in high-quality paint and polish will prolong the duration of the polish.

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