How do cars get into malls?

Foot traffic is currently the most valuable currency for anyone interested in the retail business. However, if you are involved in the business of selling large commodities such as appliances or cars, you may have noticed that foot traffic is not the same as before. This is because, nowadays, most people prefer to do their research online before getting into any car dealership.

Nonetheless, there are effective ways to restore the initial impact of foot traffic on your business. A good strategy is to collaborate with a well-trafficked location such as a mall to display your vehicles.

But, how do cars get into malls?

This article answers this commonly asked question both for the simply curious and the car business person looking to venture into shopping centers.

Why are cars brought and shown in malls?

The automotive industry is gradually evolving, and most buyers take an average of 90 days before committing to any car dealership. Consequently, it has become more and more necessary for car sellers to bring their vehicles closer to the consumer. The driving thought here is ‘if foot traffic won’t come to you, you should go to it – and what better place to accomplish this than in a mall?

But why exactly is this a marketing strategy, and should businesses consider it? Here are some benefits of mall vehicle displays to a business:

Access to PMA (Primary Market Area)

Since most car dealers prefer to market their cars through online strategies, it becomes difficult to compete against them because everyone is doing it. Using your local shopping center to showcase your wide range of vehicles will put you directly in front of your Primary Market Area.

Brand Recall

Using a shopping center to display your brand and different vehicles will encourage your target audience to make a car purchase while strengthening their personal contact with your brand. More people will know and remember your brand within a year or so than if they interacted with it online.

Physical Interactions with the Product

Shopping center vehicle displays provide the perfect way of showcasing your wide range of vehicles to your customers even before they consider coming into a car dealership with your business. They can get into the car, feel the seats, steering wheel, and controls. 

Trackable Results

Unlike other forms of advertising, a vehicle display in a mall guarantees accurate and trackable leads and results. You can use car receipts to gauge precisely how many sales were generated from your display.

High Customization

Shopping centers are always looking for ways to make their displays stand out from the crowd and will be glad to help you set up your display. This allows you the freedom to customize and sass up your set.

Authentic Consumer Engagement

Opting to showcase your cars in a shopping display center within your PMA enables your brand to create an authentic offline connection with your target audience.

How do they get the car in the mall?

Special Drive-In Entry Points

All malls have special doors that serve as entry points for maintenance vehicles and companies that perform tasks like replacing air conditioner filters and installing banners, posters, and decorations. These drive-in points contain loading bays and are typically located in areas where only mall employees are allowed to go. They are usually big enough for everything from cars to trucks to enter through.

Hidden Entryways

Alternatively, most malls today are constructed to have one or more large revolving doors that appear to be only a meter wide but can actually fold up and open back up to 3 meters. These specifications are usually not included in the building schematics, and regular shoppers will not know that the doors are adjustable. Some doors are even specially designed to disassemble either for repair or to make way for cars.


It is no debate that a car display strategically located within a well-trafficked location such as a mall will drive more potential customers, leads, and sales to your brand. This marketing technique allows interested buyers to explore your range of inventory, including different models, colors, and accessories.

Also, now that you know how cars get into malls, you only have to worry about your end of the business. If you were just curious about this question, you can also now breathe easy the next time you see a vehicle displayed at your favorite mall.

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