What is the cruise main indicator light on the dashboard?

The cruise control feature is a great addition to a car’s configuration- driving is made more fun. The feature allows you to maintain speed without having your foot on the pedal all through.

This feature is convenient and serves a notable need but it can also be dangerous. To make it safer, automobile makers added the Cruise Main Light- it serves to keep you safe from the many occurrences that make the cruise control unsafe.

What Is A Cruise Control Main Indicator On The Dashboard?

When you activate or the cruise control is activated, the car informs you by illuminating the cruise main indicator. Note that it signifies activation but not setting- you will still need to set the speed to get the feature to full functionality.

After setting the speed, you can release the accelerator pedal and lean back. This feature offers long-distance drivers an opportunity to rest their feet without having to pull over.

The cruise’s main indicator is more of a safety light than a comfort feature. It was implemented after car makers realized that cars activated the cruise control feature without notifying the drivers causing the driver to panic when they relax the gas pedal but the car does not reduce speed.

The light came with one power button that allows the driver to turn the cruise control ON although they still need to set the speed. Before this, some drivers came to learn about activated cruise control when it was too late.- some occurrences were catastrophic.

The fact that the light only indicates the feature’s activation without necessarily setting the speed makes it much safer.

What Does It Mean When The Cruise Main Light Comes On?

When you spot this light, it means your cruise control has been activated. If you did it yourself then that’s ok but if you didn’t activate it, you ought to pull over and get some answers.

After activation, the next step is usually to set the cruising speed and let the car do its thing. With the cruise control fully engaged, you can lift your foot off the gas pedal and rest a little bit.

What Causes The Cruise Main Light To Come ON?

If you didn’t activate the cruise control several occurrences could make the cruise main light come ON.

The most obvious possibility is that the light didn’t go off the last time you put it OFF. This happens when the main button gets stuck or malfunctions. If this is the case, the cruise main light will stay ON throughout or go OFF from time to time without the driver’s input.

Another possibility is an underlying issue in the cruise control system. The system could be sending false triggers to the car’s computer.

 This causes it to illuminate the cruise main light even when the feature is turned OFF. For an issue like this, the culprits are many but you can start with the wiring and sensors.

Are There Any Problems With The Cruise Main Indicator Light?

The cruise main light is affected by a myriad of problems like blown fuses, failed speed sensors, and dead brake switches. These problems are mild and should be easy to repair- there’s nothing to stress about.

How Do I Turn Off My Cruise Main Light?

The cruise main light is built to work hand in hand with the cruise control feature. If you turn the cruise control OFF, the light should go OFF too.

There are two ways to deactivate the cruise control feature, you can: step on the brakes or simply use the ON/OFF button.

If you for some reason turn it OFF by mistake, you can get the car back to set speed using the RES button although you’ll need to first accelerate it to 25 mph or more.

Take Away

The cruise control feature is praised and criticized all over the globe. Its supporters say the feature allows drivers some relaxation time while its critics claim laxity can easily lead to accidents.

To keep the feature safe, it comes with a cruise main light that notifies you when the system comes ON so nothing gets you by surprise.

The light is pretty friendly and can be turned OFF by the press of a button although you’ll turn the cruise control OFF too.

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