Main costs of replacing a Ford key

Cars are significant investments that need security. For decades now, car keys have just been keys. This piece of metal is meant explicitly for unlocking and starting a car.

Implying that if they get lost or reformed in any way, you won’t be able to start your vehicle. However, these roles changed when car vehicles became integrated into technology. 

These changes added additional functions to car keys and their fob, therefore, increased security. This makes the Ford car key replacement is expensive. Hence losing the key is not something to take for granted. 

On average, the replacement costs of a Ford car key can range between $50 to $500 per key for properly programmed fobs and or transmitter keys. 

Hoe much does it cost to replace a lost For car key?

Getting a Ford car key replacement has not been easier with the many functions that key performs. Ford’s intelligent access key performs several functions, including locking and unlocking car doors, remotely starting a vehicle, and opening rear hatches. 

While replacing the keys can be expensive, it is essential to note that if you lose them, you should invest in proper and quality replacement for the security and protection of your vehicle. If you bought your car directly from the Ford dealership, you get replacement keys with ease. 

The cost of replacing a ford car key is not constant and can vary depending on some factors. These factors include the

  • Vehicle’s location, 
  • The type of key you want,
  • How fast you need the replacement, 
  • Where you get the replacement, be it a locksmith, a dealership, or specialized workshops. 
  • If there is an existing working key
  • The year of manufacture
  • Whether an original ignition or not
  • Availability of key code to cut the new key
  • Vehicle model

Prices of copying a ford key vs. the costs of making a new key without having one

Copying a ford key can be costly, but it is cheaper compared to when getting a whole new key. Getting a copy of the key can cost you about one hundred dollars but depending on the factors like where you get your replacement.

Making a new key is costly and can cost you about $250 when the process is rather simple. But when the process is complicated, like when you have an old car model or the key lock is damaged, the process becomes more complex, and the cost increases accordingly. 

Key replacement costs for the most common Ford models

A fob key for Ford models averagely costs around $150. But if you have your key codes, it might cost up to $20. 

  • Mondeo $13
  • Mustang. $7 to $75
  • Ford Fiesta $7 to $50

Can you make a car key without a key?

Yes, you can make it by using your vehicle’s identification number in the logbook, but you have first to prove ownership. 

How much does it cost to make a copy and a new key at the Ford dealer?

Getting a new car key at the ford dealer can cost you about $160, while a copy can cost about $50.

How much does it cost to make a copy and a new key at a specialized workshop?

To make a copy of a key at a specialized workshop can cost about $133 to $300 while creating a new key can cost around 600 $ and even more. 

Can a locksmith make a car key?

Locksmiths can make new car keys and even unlock locked cars

How much does it cost to make a copy and a new key at a locksmith

Making a copy or new car key at a locksmith can cost about $150 for a standard key and $250 for AI keys on average. 

Does Ford cut a key from the VIN?

Yes, ford can cut keys from VIN; all you need to provide is proof of ownership and the VIN. If you don’t have your car’s keys, you can take your car’s VIN, driver’s license, and registration copy to a ford service center or dealership. The dealership will be able to cut a car key based on the VIN on the vehicle. 

Does AutoZone make copies of car keys?

Yes, besides making and selling blank keys, Autozone can cut and make copies of car keys for your vehicle. It offers a variety of vehicle keys, including Toyota, Chrysler, GM, Ford, among others.

Their blank key prices range from around $3 to $6. Moreover, they sell transponder keys for and remote key fobs in a price range of between fifteen to ninety dollars. 

Does Walmart make copies of car keys?

Walmart makes car key copies but just for a limited number of car keys at their key kiosks. It can only duplicate older metal keys with no RFID chips or transponders in them. You can copy, reproduce, and make new keys for your car with their self-service key duplicating kiosks. 

Should I report lost car keys to the police?

Losing your vehicle keys can be so worrying, especially when not sure whether they have been stolen or not. Your car is a significant investment, so if your keys are lost, you need to take the necessary measures for its security. The first thing to do is report with your local police department whether you think they are just lost or stolen. 

The police will give you a crime reference number alongside advice on how you can protect your car by using a wheel lock. The police can use the crime reference number to follow the case. 


Car keys are essential elements of a car that are mostly underestimated. It is easy to confuse and lose a car key within the house or even in pockets. While the keys can look small, you might find it hard if you misplace or lose them.

You will have to spend a few bucks replacing them or finding a new copy. Whether you are looking to replace your car key or get a new copy, you are assured of getting them in your nearest car dealer, a locksmith, or a specialized shop. Expect to spend about $50 to$500 for car key replacements and copying when you visit them.

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