These are the cars that can be driven without a license

Usually, for every car out there, a person that desires to drive it needs first to learn how to drive it and then take some exams in order to obtain a license in order for that person to legally drive a car.

However, there are situations that have occurred frequently in recent years, especially the fact that the police suspend the right of some drivers to drive for a certain period of time due to the fact that they have committed certain traffic violations, and because time is precious today, these drivers cannot afford to stay so long without having a fast means of transport to solve their problems.

Also, the desire of other people, not necessarily of those who have committed traffic offenses, to use a means of transport without needing a driving license, or of persons who have not reached the age required to obtain a driving license have determined manufacturers to build slightly less efficient cars that do not meet the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license, so they can be used without having the obligation to obtain the right to drive them.

These cars are gaining popularity slowly but surely, especially in Europe and Australia because of the requests.

Are there some requirements for driving a car that doesn’t require a license?

These cars usually don’t pass 50 kilometers per hour or 31 miles per hour, and their engines have low horsepower, but I guess that aspect doesn’t matter for these folks, it is better than walking long distances having to depend on other means of transportation, no? So, there are some requirements for these cars, especially regarding safety.

Some countries require certain papers that you need to have in order to drive these cars, that you can get from a driving school, but the most important aspect is that you do not need to take an exam in order to drive these cars. Moreover, there are some age restrictions, the future driver must be at least 14 years old.

Cars that can be driven without a license

Aixam Minauto

The Aixam is one of the most adorable options in the market for cars that don’t require a driver’s license. This car has a 2 cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power of 8 horsepower and their prices start from 9500$ stock. There are some extra packages such as GT or Cross that raise the price between $11000 and $12000, but in terms of comfort, these packages bring in a few extra additions.

The fuel consumption is around 4 liters/100km or 58 miles per gallon. The Aixam is a great option to look for when you want to buy a car that does not need a driver’s license.

Check car here

Aixam Sensation

Continuing with this brand, the Sensation model does add new features to the car such as parking sensors and air conditioning, but also a possibility to choose the engine. Prices for this model start at $11300 and can be up to $17500.

Aixam D-truck

The manufacturers from Aixam also developed a mini truck that can be driven with no license. This commercial vehicle starts at a price of $14500 and for the minivans, prices can go up to $15500. Both minivan and the truck have 400cc diesel engines that are capable of transporting up to 175 kilograms or 385 pounds

Check the D-truck

The cargo compartment is up to 299 cubic feet. A 24-liter fuel tank or 6.3 gallons, taking into account a fuel consumption of around 3.5 liters/100km or 67 mpg, should be enough for a long time.

Porsche 365

Can you believe it? There is actually a Porsche model that you can drive without a license. This is a Chinese version of the Famous Porsche 365 produced by the KingWoo subsidiary of the same Henan company from China. Moreover, this replica is electric. With an 8-horsepower electric motor, the Chinese Porsche 356 can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour, while the cost of the car is about 13.000 US dollars.


The Chatenet is similar in terms of technical characteristics to Axiam and others but has a more futuristic design. The 480 cc engine has 8.2 horsepower and has three configurations, but, the differences between them are not that observable. For example, the Sport version stands out only in a special red color, aluminum pedal pads and seats with more developed lateral support.

Prices for this particular car start from $11000.

Check the car specs here

Bellier Jade

This diesel engine car has a volume of 523 cubic centimeters and provides a two-seater with an acceleration of up to 45 kilometers per hour or 28 miles per hour. Fuel consumption is only 3.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers or 73miles per gallon, the 20-liter tank will be enough for a fairly long journey. 

Regarding the price, this car starts from 11800 US dollars.

Car specs

Henan M7

Another no-license vehicle produced in China. In fact, the majority of low-speed electric vehicles are manufactured there, and you can buy them directly from popular online sites like Alibaba. This numerous category includes the Henan M7. In general, the Henan company is better known for the production of tricycles rather than electric cars. 

It is equipped with a 4 horsepower electric motor. The manufacturer claims that the battery capacity is enough for 300 kilometers or 186 miles, but here are a lot to discuss about.

The price for the Henan modes starts from 11500 US dollars.


As you can see, there are a lot of options of cars to drive when you have a suspended license or you don’t have a license. The market cars that don’t require a license continues to grow in time and it is already a viable alternative for some people, and other manufacturers join the game as well to make these vehicles

A big disadvantage is their high price, but there are also the option to buy a used one with lot less money.

Of course, there are a lot of other alternatives such as electric bicycles or electric scooters, but these have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s totally up to you to decide.

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