Here’s why the car ac stops working after a while

An electrical hitch mainly causes the stopping of a car’s air conditioning (AC) system. This can involve various reasons like a blown fuse, failed switches, or a problem with the control module.

Other causes may lead to your AC not working, including broken cooling fans, an issue with the compressor or the condenser, or a refrigerant leak from your car. 

The car’s AC can be seen as one of the most underrated components of your car until you have to experience the different extreme weather conditions and your air conditioning is not working.

If not fixed at the right time, this can put you in easy danger. The different possible causes are essential to consider and check and prevent unease for you and other passengers while driving.

For an individual who uses the AC regularly, it is easy to know when there is a problem and how to fix it effectively. 

Why did my car AC stop working all of a sudden?

Possible causes include:

  • A refrigerant leak. This can result from breaking down. The affected areas then allow moisture into the cooling system, thus corroding the AC system.
  • The condenser also plays an essential role in compressing and depressing air, thus cooling the air. Therefore, if there is no cooling, it could mean that the condenser is failing. 
  • Conditioning also heavily relies on the compressor, which keeps the air moving, thus helping the refrigerant go around. A common cause of the compressor not functioning is lack of use for a long time. 
  • An electrical issue is another because that may affect your air conditioning. The electrical components highly contribute to the functioning of the AC. Therefore, aspects like a blown fuse, failed switches or control module may affect the total functioning of your AC.
  • Broken cooling fans can also not transmit the cool air from the vents. This may also result from electrical causes or external object interference.

How to fix the problem?

Fixing a refrigerant leak is essential, especially when detected earlier. However, the air passing through the cooling system could cause permanent damage.

Thus with this type of leak, action should be taken immediately to avoid corrosion to the AC system.

  • A car’s condenser cannot be repaired; instead, it is replaced. 
  • With a compressor repair possible, it is advisable to have a mechanic look at it. This is because it can cause problems when the clutch on the compressor is stuck. However, in other cases, replacing a faulty compressor is better for durability purposes. 
  • Electrical technicalities are better off addressed by a thorough check and repair. Electrical issues may have been solved through a total replacement of the air conditioning system, mainly due to potential acid buildup, which can cause damage.
  • An electrical repair could help solve broken cooling fans related to electrical interference like broken or faulty fuses. However, in some cases, a switch or replacement can help with the situation.

How much does It cost to fix an AC that stops after a while?

Depending on your AC’s causes or problems, the prices continue to range differently. Average fixes to high-end repairs vary in terms of pricing.

This is something that you can agree with your mechanic depending on the repair you want or is necessary for your car. The typical cost or range of air conditioning fixing is between $150 to $1100.

With these ranges, there are evident differences according to the type or cause of damage in your car. The different ranges will also vary according to the labor of the mechanic.

Therefore, when taking your vehicle for service, you must go to a reliable mechanic or service center where practical work will be done.

On the other hand, it is essential t take note of preventable triggers that may destroy your AC. This especially applies to the vehicle’s electrical power and control, which can be prevented.

Good car maintenance should also save you these costs in ensuring that your car runs effectively till the end.

Why does my car AC stop and then start again?

This can be a possible issue with your expansion valve. When the valve fails, it removes or blocks the pressure from the liquid refrigerant, affecting the airflow.

The flow either becomes restricted or unrestricted, thus causing the effect you feel while in your car through stopping and then starting again.

Intermittent cooling due to the system components freezing up is another r explanation for your case. If the evaporator is covered with ice or other particles, it is easy for the AC to behave in such a way.

This can be solved by cleaning the various parts that are blocked.

Electrical sorts could also contribute to your AC’s on and off nature. However, they can also be fixed by sorting loose connections or changing fuses where needed.

Why does my AC stop blowing cold after some time?

A common cause for this may be ice or dirt accumulation in your condition. The collection highly impedes airflow, making it hard to blow cold air.

Dirty or blocked condensers can have the same effect, which means that they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and allow proper circulation of cool air. 

A refrigerant leak is a common reason the cool air may stop circulating, and the AC generally loses its cool. The mix of moisture and the refrigerant creates corrosive material, which eats away at the conditioning system, especially the seals and valves.

Thus preventing the total cool air from freely circulating in your car.

Take away

Air conditioning requires special attention and can be easily ignored as an essential part of the car. Due to extreme weather conditions, the AC is necessary to create a comfortable environment for you to travel.

It helps with the difference in temperatures and thus also forms an essential component of service while visiting your mechanic. The air conditioning system is also expensive; hence, you ought to take good care of the car’s condition.

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