Best and worst places to hide a key on or in a car

Hiding a key on or in a car can be beneficial for some reasons. Usually, drivers prefer to hide their home keys in or on a car when they work out, jog or when going to the beach.

Although there are other methods that you can keep your key on you, they often require another accessory to be kept on them that, most of the time are annoying, and the preferred method is to hide that key somewhere in the car or outside it

One place to hide a key on a car is with an old spare tire because it is less likely to be found than other places that are more obvious like under some floor mat or in the glove box. Another place is to have a hidden compartment in the back of the car for your key so you don’t have to worry about it being noticed by any thieves or vandals when they break into your vehicle.

Why is hiding a key in your car a good idea?

Drivers prefer doing this because they feel much comfortable, especially when doing sports.

Why you shouldn’t hide a key on/in your car?

The biggest problem with storing a key in or out of the car is that there is a possibility that the driver will forget that he left it in that place and move that storage place elsewhere.

It can happen that your hiding place was not that good after all and thieves found the key when broke into your vehicle.

Another disadvantage would be putting the key in a place where it can no longer be removed, and for this, you will need operations that may then have a higher cost of repairs after that.

There are a few reasons not to hide a key inside or outside your car. First, most people believe that it makes it easier for someone to steal your car or keys, and therefore it’s safer to just keep the key somewhere else.

Second, many people believe that you will attract unwanted attention if you have a key in plain view, whether because of the way you drive or because there is a visible “keyring” attached to your steering wheel.

Thirdly, if something does happen with your vehicle but the police ask for evidence of what happened (such as who last visited) they will probably need the key on hand and therefore make sure it’s securely hidden (for example in an empty water bottle).

Where should you hide a key in or out of your car?

When deciding the best possible choice, you will want to take into account possible theft or other malicious intent by either a stranger or someone you know.

Before getting into where to hide the key, it is important to state what factors one should take into account when deciding which place is best. Some of these include the probability that someone would look for the key in that location, whether or not people are likely to have access and/or know where this location is on your vehicle (whether it be visible while driving or not) and other potential hazards nearby that could pose a risk if they were exposed.

How do you choose the best place to hide a key on or in your car?

With all factors considered, there is generally one place that will provide the best amount of protection against being discovered with possession of it while providing the most convenience for retrieving it later. This would include places such as the rear glove compartment, tail section/boot, and doors. The following clues should be used to help determine which location is best:

If you have a center console or cover on your car, then you should put it on your front seats so that where you hide keys would not be seen when entering and exiting.

If you have a spare tire in your trunk, be sure to designate a separate compartment for your keys and put them inside of it. This is extremely important especially if you have children or friends because either one can easily unlock the car while playing with a key.

When storing your keys in your glove box, consider hiding them under the lining since nobody will ever go looking there unless they are specifically going to search for something.

You can also hide a key under the car in far to reach places this will ensure that the thief won’t insist on finding it because there are more chances to be caught if he stays there for long.

The final place that I will suggest you hide your car key on is the ignition. Many people wouldn’t consider hiding their keys here because they would have no way of retrieving them when necessary. However, it is one of the best places to put them because you will never forget where you left them.

You can also hide a key in the back of your bumper, this will discourage some thieves to search for it, but that also can be a help for other thieves because searching for the key on the bumper can be associated with possible “inspections” for car problems underneath.

What are the worst places to hide a key on/in a car?

The worst places to hide a key on a car are the places people often check. These places include

The Electronic Keyhole: If you have a newer car it might be equipped with an electronic lock, but that doesn’t mean you should put the key in there. If someone were to get something out of your car, they could also easily get the car unlocked. Some cars are even equipped with cameras that can show who unlocked the car and when, so if someone were to walk away with something from your car it would be easier for police to find them. 

The Locks: You know those little levers that you use to lock the doors? If you have one of these cars, make sure the door handles stay inside and that no one uses your keys to turn them. Not only do they look funny from outside, but also they may be easier for an intruder to turn than the lock.

One trick is to place your keys inside something, such as a food container, and then just carry around the “container” for a few minutes before you return it. The Trunk: Some of us have this thing where we can’t leave anything in our car’s trunk because we think someone might steal it (and that puts my stuff at risk!).

The glove compartment. This is also a bad place to hide a key because the thief will search there first when he opens your car door, even if the glove box is locked.

In the back of the license plate. Believe it or not, this method is widely used but it has a great downside, it can be easily seen by unwanted visitors. This is true also for hiding it on the back of the car like the exhaust system.


The best place to hide a key is in a spot that no one is likely to look at, such as the spare tire, or something else that’s hard to find like an air filter. Another good place would be an old floor mat where no one will think of looking for it or in places that it will be hard to reach by hand, especially underneath the car

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