Automatic or manual transmission trucks. Which are safer?

The basic types of motor vehicle transmission are manual and automatic, channeling the power generated by the engine to drive the wheels.

According to a truck accident attorney, manual transmissions have always been the norm in the trucking industry. Yet, due to changes in the industry, the need to use more safety regulations, and CDL truck drivers, the manual transmission may be the end of the line.

Automatic vs. Manual Transmission Trucks

Here are some pros and cons of manual transmissions:

  • Fuel efficiency: manual transmissions are known to be more fuel efficient since the engines are less complicated and lighter.
  • Price: manual transmissions are typically less expensive to install, but the sticker price is close to an automatic transmission.
  • More difficult to drive: it may be challenging to operate the gears and a clutch, as it involves more skill and training.
  • Not the best for long commutes: while it is nice to have complete control of the truck, after hours on a highway or in stop-and-go traffic, an automatic transmission might be more relaxing.

Pros and cons of automatic transmissions:

  • Easier to drive: most people are more comfortable driving a motor vehicle with an automatic transmission because it is easier to drive. Moreover, you can keep both hands on the wheel, allowing for better control.
  • Easier in heavy traffic: automatic transmission will allow you to easily switch between just two pedals for a safer and more comfortable ride.
  • Easier to drive in hilly areas: it is easier to use because there is no thinking about what gear to use
  • Price: not only is the initial price higher, but automatic transmission trucks can also be more expensive to fix and maintain. Additionally, insurance is sometimes higher for an automatic transmission.

Why You Should Use an Automatic Transmission?

There are several reasons the trucking industry is making a deliberate switch from manual to automatic vehicles, which will make sense once you look at the industry’s troubles.

Automatics have been proven to have a better overall performance in various areas, and it is harder to make a mistake with an automatic transmission.

With a manual transmission, you operate the clutch and decide when to switch gears and are more involved with the vehicle’s operation. An automatic transmission will select the right gear for the road conditions and vehicle speed.

Driving with an automatic transmission is more straightforward to learn, allowing you to put your full attention on the road.

By comparison, manual transmission requires constant multitasking and shifting of gears, requiring more skills and training. Because of this, an automatic transmission is considered safer than manuals.

There is also the argument that an automatic transmission is the better choice in heavy traffic. A manual transmission could be very tedious, causing stress and lots of effort.

Others argue that controlling the gear shifting provides more control over the truck, and you can shift gears faster than an automatic transmission can. However, the automatic provides a safer and smoother driving experience.

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