Antifreeze smell but no leaks are present

Antifreeze is an essential engine part as it regulates the car’s temperature. Common leaks in the engine result from the antifreeze oozing out; however, in some occasions, the smell may be present, but no visible leaks.

The antifreeze stink can be present if there are external leaks on a radiator or a broken pipe. A thorough scan is needed in this case on the entire engine compartment.

This can also be considered an early stage of leakage, and the problem can be easily fixed. The antifreeze smell with no leaks is also attributed to various causes such as an internal puncture, worn-out radiator caps, external leaks, head gasket, or the heater core.

The smell is easy to identify as they have an unmistakable sweet smell.

Possible causes

Internal puncture

One possible indicator for you may be the number of times you will have to refill your radiator. This is because internal puncture makes the radiator dry quickly; since the radiator gets heated and thus makes the liquid vaporize instantly, thus no leaks are detected in the liquid.

Worn-out radiator caps

When there is no indication of any visible leak, it, therefore, means that the leakage may be in a different part of the engine. The radiator gap holds a lot of pressure whereby the coolant can escape in the form of steam.

The steam can escape the radiator cap, making your engine unbearably hot.

Broken hoses

External leaks can happen through a broken hose draining the coolant very quickly. Usually, you can spot this through a puddle under your car.

Head gasket

it can be determined by observing your exhaust which will mainly display a lot of white smoke. This indicates that something else is burnt other than gases, as they often leave transparent smoke.

Heater core

the heater core plays a role in the circulation of warm air in the car and thus draws the warm heat from the coolant and, as a result, spreads it to the inside of your car. As a result, the fruity smell of the antifreeze will be felt.

Does the car have a problem if it smells like antifreeze?

The smell may not be harmful, but it could indicate other issues. The car may not be at risk of any problems, but it is essential to check your engine compartment when you experience the smell, as it could indicate a coolant leak.

When you encounter a sweet-smelling leak, it is essential that you know if it is leaking. The smell could be pointing to an early stage of leakage happening to your car; therefore, it is essential that you have it checked, failure to which it could get overheated if you are driving.

Being an early indicator of possible leakage, it is easy to prevent further complications for your car.

How to fix the antifreeze smell in the car?

It is possible to have your car fixed with some basic mechanic skills that can come in handy. Some of the methods you can incorporate can include:

Tighten a lax camp or repair a torn hose

This can be presented as a less obvious issue that could lead to further damage. You can feel around for the hose and clamps for any moisture, ensure that they are firmly attached, and keep an eye out for rips.

When you encounter the smell, especially for the first time while driving, you must turn off the vehicle and let it cool. You can then open the hood in search of the radiator cap and nearby hoses.

After driving your car, park it on clean pavement and wait for a while before checking for any dripping on the ground. This is to check for any puddles that may come from external leaks.

Change the broken expansion tank

Changing the coolant tank can also be an option, as sometimes a worn-out coolant surge tank may lead to leaks. This is also advised b car manufacturers who encourage coolant that has proper corrosion inhibitors that work to protect the system.

What does it mean when you smell antifreeze through your vents?

This is a clear indication of a leaky heater core. The sweet smell can mean the coolant is leaking and mixing with the air. The coolant or antifreeze leaking out through the heater core indicates that the coolant level of the system is low.

Hence, it poses a danger of overheating, which can cause a tremendous mechanical breakdown.

Take Away

The cooling system service should be essential to your regular check and maintenance. This is important as it protects our heater core and gives the car good driving conditions.

It ensures you learn the different signs to look out for and how system service should be addressed effectively.

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