All Chevy Junkyard Locations in the USA

Are you a car enthusiast searching for that elusive Chevy part, or perhaps a DIY mechanic looking to save on replacement parts? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Nationwide Junkyards


With locations spread across 12 states, Pull-A-Part is a popular choice for Chevy enthusiasts. Their organized yards and vast inventory make it easy to find the parts you need at an affordable price.

LKQ Pick Your Part

Another major player in the junkyard industry, LKQ Pick Your Part boasts over 70 locations nationwide. They offer a massive selection of used Chevy parts, and their self-service yards allow you to save even more money.

Regional Junkyards


Cleveland Pick-A-Part

Cleveland Pick-A-Part is a go-to destination for Chevy parts in the Midwest. With their extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff, they’ll help you find the perfect part for your project.

Chicago Auto Parts Exchange

Located in the Windy City, Chicago Auto Parts Exchange is another great option for Midwest Chevy enthusiasts. Their well-organized lot and friendly staff make it a breeze to locate and purchase the parts you need.


Houston Auto Recyclers

Deep in the heart of Texas, Houston Auto Recyclers is a top destination for Chevy parts. Their extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff ensure that you’ll find what you need, whether you’re working on a classic or a newer model.

Atlanta Auto Salvage

Atlanta Auto Salvage is a great source for Chevy parts in the South. Their organized lot, helpful staff, and competitive prices make them a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

West Coast

Los Angeles Dismantlers

If you’re searching for Chevy parts on the West Coast, Los Angeles Dismantlers is a must-visit. Their vast inventory includes parts for classic and modern Chevys alike, and their staff is always ready to help.

Seattle Auto Wrecking

Up in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Auto Wrecking is another fantastic resource for Chevy parts. Their organized lot and experienced staff make it easy to find the parts you need, no matter the model.

East Coast

New York Auto Salvage

In the bustling Big Apple, New York Auto Salvage is a prime destination for Chevy enthusiasts on the East Coast. Their extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff ensure that you’ll find the parts you need, whether you’re working on a vintage or a modern Chevy.

Boston Auto Wrecking

For those in the New England area, Boston Auto Wrecking is a top choice for Chevy parts. Their well-organized lot and helpful staff make the process of finding and purchasing parts a breeze.

Online Resources

Junkyard Auto Parts Finder

If you’re unable to visit a junkyard in person, the Junkyard Auto Parts Finder is an excellent online resource. This website allows you to search for used Chevy parts from junkyards all over the country, making it easier than ever to find the parts you need. is another valuable online resource for locating used Chevy parts. With their vast database of junkyards and auto recyclers, you can quickly find and compare prices on the parts you need.


Whether you’re restoring a classic Chevy or repairing a daily driver, the right junkyard can make all the difference. From nationwide chains like Pull-A-Part and LKQ Pick Your Part to regional favorites and online resources, you have plenty of options for finding the Chevy parts you need. Happy hunting!

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