100 Auto-Repair Shop Names for Your Auto Repair Shop

Looking to start your own auto repair shop? That sounds like great news! But here is the catch, setting up and running a new auto repair shop is not just fun and games. In fact, the auto repair business requires a well-thought-out strategy and plan. 

The auto repair industry is growing and that means that competition is also increasing by the minute. Everything you do, from your shop’s name to operational strategy, should be planned in advance. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into our post and help you find the perfect auto repair shop name. After all, that is the first thing you should be doing while setting up your business. 

Top Reasons Why Your Business Name is So Important 

Some would-be business owners don’t put nearly enough thought into choosing a name for their automotive shop. 

They settle on any name because they feel it best suits them and roll with it. However, in the eyes of your consumers, your name helps differentiate you from the thousands of other businesses that offer very similar services. 

They will form their first impression of your firm based on your company name, so giving it further thought now could make all the difference as your business expands.

So, let’s speak about names for businesses and why choosing the right one is important.

1. Your business name is the cornerstone of your brand

Nike. When you hear that name, what is the very first thing that pops into your head? Is it the recognizable “swoosh” emblem? The phrase “Just Do It” as a slogan? Their attire or their footwear? What about the Greek goddess of victory that they chose to name their organization after?

Nike chose the idea of triumph as the basis for the creation of a brand and then called its firm after the brand. 

Their brand symbolizes the raison d’être of the company, what they believe in, and how their goods enable their clients to “win” in the gym or on the field with the use of their equipment. They have fashioned their entire brand identity solely based on their name.

This should also be your primary objective. You should make it a priority to ensure that your company name is the defining characteristic of your brand. Your other forms of marketing should flow seamlessly into this one. 

During the process of coming up with a name for your company, exercise patience, creativity, and flexibility. 

Be attentive and considerate in your choice, even though it’s tempting to go with the first name that comes to mind. You should look at it from every angle and analyze it from every possible standpoint.

2. Your business name helps you stand out from the crowd

These days, there is no scarcity of entrepreneurs who launch their businesses. When viewed through the eyes of your prospective consumers, your business and the businesses that you compete with appear to be very identical; at this point, the only thing that differentiates you is the name of your firm. 

Your shop or company will be recognized by your clients for the first time through your brand name. Therefore, you will be leagues ahead of the competition if you have a business name that is both distinctive and easy to remember.

The following are some tips that might be of assistance to you in selecting an attention-grabbing name for your company that will offer you an advantage over your competitors:

Steer clear of names that are difficult to write down. 

You want a name that will be easily searchable by potential clients on Google. As an illustration, “Apple” is a plain and easy-to-understand choice for a company name. Nobody who uses it will ever get the spelling wrong.

Do some digging to find out if the name is already taken. 

Sometimes business owners think they have thought of an original name for their company, only to find out that someone else has already taken it. Be sure to do your homework and run an exhaustive search on the internet to see whether or not someone is already utilizing the name you want to use.

Get a “.com” domain name. 

Choose a domain ending in.com rather than.net ,.org, biz, or any of the others because consumers tend to believe that.com addresses belong to more reputable companies.

Choose a name that carries some significance for you. 

Almost anything can serve as the foundation for a successful brand. It is also possible for it to be a made-up word that eventually becomes a word due to the amount of times it is used; just think of the word “Google.” 

However, in the end, branding will cost you money, and not all small firms have the financial resources necessary to do so. Pick a name for your shop that has some personal significance to you.

Ask for feedback. Don’t be afraid to seek the perspectives of people you know, whether they’re friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. Which names do they think are difficult to remember? Which names for automotive repair shops do they find attractive?

How To Choose a Suitable Auto Repair Shop Name? 

When it comes to branding, nothing is more important than having a solid name for your auto repair shop. Your shop’s name has the potential to draw in clients and contribute to the development of your brand. 

The name of your car repair shop also serves as your firm’s identifier and conveys your enterprise’s character. 

It is the initial impression that you will provide to your customers when they interact with your company. Having a fantastic auto repair shop name that is memorable to the people you intend to attract is therefore necessary.

You will need to engage in fierce competition within your local market because there are a large number of organizations offering automotive repair services in each nation. 

Because of this, you need to ensure that your company name distinguishes you from the competition in terms of how it performs in keyword searches and how it contributes to your brand’s identity. 

As a business owner, you should strive for something original, concise, memorable, and pertinent, and it should be something that best symbolizes your auto repair business.

To save you the headache of scouring the internet for auto repair shop names and shop name ideas, here are a few tips that you can use. Each represents a distinct strategy that you can use to figure out a suitable name for your auto repair shop.

“A” names: 

Because there is a lot of competition in the auto repair industry, it is extremely beneficial to move your business to the top of any listings that customers may have access to, such as those found in phone books or online directories. This will help customers find you more easily. The addition of “A+” to the beginning of a name or the selection of a name that starts with an “A” are both viable options for achieving this goal.


Since rhymes are easy to remember and entertaining, it certainly won’t hurt to include something that rhymes in the name that you decide to go with.

When we talk about having fun, another approach to making your company memorable and enjoyable for customers is to use puns. This will help ensure that your company is the first one they think of when they hear the word “mechanic.” Not only that, you should also think about a catchy slogan for your automotive shop as well.

slogan for your automotive shop

Name of the Auto Repair Business Owner 

In the business of auto repair, using either your first name, your last name or your initials is rather typical. If your initials make out a word, then this is an exceptionally cool thing to do.

Suppose you want to open a repair shop that specializes in a certain kind of work (for example, you only work on transmissions or engine diagnostics). In that case, it is a good idea to indicate this in the name of your business. 

This will allow customers who are looking for services that are specifically like yours to find you more easily.

To make things, even more, easier for you, we have together a few lists of auto repair shop names that you can easily use. These auto repair shop name ideas will help you brand your mechanic shop and give it more personality. 

Top Ideas For Auto Repair Shop Names

We have divided the list of auto repair shop names into a few categories. You can pick the auto repair shop name that best meets your needs and clicks with you! 

Famous Auto Repair Shop Names 

  • The Shop Customs
  • Aston Autos
  • Crystal Palace Car Body
  • Clerkenwell Motors
  • Madeira
  • Queensway Auto Repairs
  • Canning Car Care
  • Wadham Garage
  • Collins Motors W6
  • Riverside Garage
  • Britannia Autos
  • Woodstock Motors
  • Air Cool Islington
  • Two Wheels Only
  • Ferndale Auto’s MOTs
  • Bromley Car Repairs
  • HGV London
  • Central Bikes Workshop
  • Euro Motors
  • J & J Motors
  • Rotating Machines
  • Z Cars Engineering
  • Hyundai Service
  • In Car Music
  • Nationwide
  • My Scooters and Motorcycles
  • Perfect Touch Performance
  • Auto Dynamics
  • Euro Car Parts
  • First Aid Wheels
  • Air & Sound
  • Ace Moto
  • Launder Coachworks
  • Zenith Motorcycles
  • Topaz Detailing
  • SWB Autos
  • Halfords – Wimbledon
  • Street Motorbikes
  • Wimbledon Park Honda
  • Euro Car Parts, Catford
  • Bravos Motorcycles
  • TAC Bikes & Scooters
  • Pit Start
  • Wilco Racks
  • Halfords – Chingford
  • Bristol Street Motors
  • Impact Window Tinting
  • Auto City
  • Central Bikes London
  • Intelligent Autos
  • Monaco Volkswagen
  • Ben Scooter
  • Pod Point
  • JD Window Tinting
  • Nationwide Repair Center
  • Wrench Studios
  • Total Windows Tinting
  • West Harrow Garage

These are some of the most famous auto repair shop names available. However, if you are looking for something more light-hearted, fun, or cool, we have another list planned for you!

Cool Names for Car Accessories Shop

  • A+ Cars Repair
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Affordable Repairs
  • Hybrid Auto Tech
  • Brooklyn Auto Repair
  • High-Quality Auto
  • MINHS Automotive
  • Midtown Auto Enterprises
  • Adria Motors German Auto Repair
  • Awais Auto Repair & Tire Shop
  • 54th Street Auto Center
  • Elite Car Care
  • Jose Ordonez Auto
  • Car Lovers Automotive
  • Holy Land Auto Repair
  • Marty’s Auto Body
  • Model A Transmission
  • Vanderbilt Automobile Repair
  • Chelsea Auto Diagnostic
  • Salerno Auto Body Shop
  • Superior Care Auto Center
  • Baba Auto Repair
  • Putnam Auto Repairs
  • Sam’s Auto Body Shop
  • Malibu Vehicle Repair
  • Jerry & Son Auto Service
  • Errol Auto Repair
  • New Hope Automobile
  • Meineke Car Care Center
  • Junior’s Car Repair
  • South Slope Auto Center
  • Discount Auto Repair
  • Tom & Artie Auto
  • Dominican Auto
  • North Side Auto Repair
  • Tri State Auto Repair
  • Mercedes Repair NYC
  • L & S Automotive Center
  • G & E Auto Repair
  • Clean Air Planet
  • Clinton Hill Auto Service
  • A 1st Stop Auto Repair
  • Irving Auto Repair Center
  • Prestige Automotive
  • M&H Auto Repair
  • United Motor Service
  • Bimmer Motors Group
  • New Millennium Motors
  • Teddy’s Place Auto Repair
  • Olympia Auto Repair Center
  • Prospect Auto Repair
  • Clermont Auto Repair
  • L & M Foreign Cars
  • Atros Automotive Repair
  • Family Automotive Repair Shop
  • Paul’s Great Neck Auto Repair
  • Automotive Body & Repair
  • Mao Automotive Tech
  • Friedman Repair Shop
  • Sports & Classics
  • Gerardo Auto Repair
  • Advance Truck & Auto Repair
  • KC Auto Repair,
  • 2 Bays Automotive Repair
  • Alfa of Brooklyn Motors Inc
  • G&S Truck and Auto Repair Inc
  • Blue Star Brothers Auto Center
  • Tony’s Auto Repair
  • Women Auto Know
  • W & G Auto Repair
  • Great Bear Auto
  • Dependable Auto Repair
  • Parkside Service Center
  • ABC Collision
  • Harrys Auto Repair
  • Angel Auto Repair
  • The Custom Shop Inc
  • Apple Auto & Truck Care
  • Essential Auto Care
  • PHD Diagnostic and Repair
  • Top Notch Auto Repair
  • Hamilton Auto
  • Kraft German Auto
  • All In One Auto Service
  • Emil’s All Tire
  • Shah Auto Center
  • ABC Ericson Auto Services
  • G & J Service Center
  • Ralph’s Auto Repair
  • All Auto Tech
  • Allen’s Automobiles
  • Atomic Auto
  • Car Papa
  • Automotive Depot
  • Axle Automotive
  • AZ Auto Mechanics
  • Better Transmission
  • Blue Jack Repair
  • Blue Ridge Tire
  • Blue-sky Service Center
  • Car Shapers
  • Car Surgeons
  • Carbon & Chrome
  • Central Agent
  • Champion Auto Clinic
  • Classic Motor Repair
  • Dash Auto repair shop 
  • Auto and car detailing 
  • Car guys 
  • Pits auto repair 
  • Bike mechanic shop 
  • Auto Repair Biz 
  • Hood Auto Specialists

Classic and Old Fashioned Names 

If you are looking for names for your automotive shop that are more old-fashioned or ‘classic’, we have something more lined up for you! You can pick out names for auto repair shops from the following list as well. 

Mint Automotive RepairBest-Bet Car RepairTri-City Transmissions
Bay View Service CenterIn-n-Out Automotive RepairMainstreet Maintenance Center
Sunrise Automotive RepairSeaside Automobile ServicesLenny’s Tire & Lube
Old Town AutomotiveHighway Hank’s Gas and GarageRoadside Automobile Parts and Repair

Dealership Names

When it comes to naming a car dealership, the aim is to convey a sense of trustworthiness and quality. A great dealership name should suggest that customers will find a reliable vehicle and exceptional service. Here are some dealership name ideas that can help your business stand out and appeal to potential car buyers:

  • Prestige Auto Market
  • Elite Motors Sales
  • Velocity Vehicle Group
  • Platinum Volkswagen
  • Premier Car Collection
  • DreamDrive Dealership
  • Horizon Auto Sales
  • Sterling Auto Selection
  • Exquisite Auto Emporium
  • Autoplex World
  • DriveLux Dealerships
  • Motor Majesty Sales
  • TrueTrust Auto Gallery
  • PrimeWheelz Outlet
  • Apex Autos Market
  • Diamond Motor Plaza
  • Exclusive Drive Lot
  • Visionary Vehicle Village
  • Grandeur Auto Sales
  • Unity Car Dealership

In choosing the right name for your car dealership, it is important to consider factors such as the types of vehicles you sell, your target market, and the core values of your business. The name should be easily recognizable, memorable, and align with the customer’s expectations of a high-quality car buying experience. A well-chosen dealership name can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to establish brand identity and customer loyalty.


In selecting the perfect name for your auto repair business, consider the impact of a memorable and distinctive name. It should resonate with your customer base, reflect the services you offer, and stand out from the competition.

Whether you embrace a modern, edgy name or opt for a classic, time-honored title, the key is to choose a name that will help your shop make a lasting impression in the marketplace. Remember, the right name is just the beginning—it sets the stage for the quality service and customer trust you’ll need to cultivate to drive your business to success.

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